Reasons Why your Business is Incomplete without a Digital Marketing Strategy

Business earlier used to be all about real shops, bargaining and comparing prices. But things have changed in the last couple of decades. With the advent of technology and the internet, we have started loving everything fast and trending. Fast food, speedy internet, and instant virtual transactions, we have it all thought out. The businesses which have adapted to this change have thrived and those who resisted it perished.
Well, the other day when I went to buy my groceries from a local kirana shop and checked if he can door delivery, the shop boy smirked and said: “didi you could have just ordered from our online shop!” That’s how much digital technology has changed the marketplace.
At Ranura Academy, we help you understand the power of digital media and all the wonderful things it can do for your business with our strategically tailored training program and digital marketing services.
Our tailor-made learning program consisting of over 30 modules encompasses the entire gamut of digital marketing and all its related facets that could enable the process.
But why to invest in something new when my business is doing fine without them you may ask. Here are some reasons why:
#1.To give you a direction and goal
Well, you have a business and it is giving you a steady profit, awesome! But what next? What do you wish to do with it in the next five years and what after that? Having a digital marketing strategy would help you extend your customer base and reach out to a wider and newer audience every day. It would also help you track your progress and analyze your success more efficiently.
#2.Differentiate your Product/Service Offerings from your competitors
Let’s say you are an e-commerce business. There are so many other players in the market with their chunk of loyal customer base and promotional strategies. Why do you think a new customer would choose you over the others? To differentiate you from the rest, you need to find a more innovative path with a fresh perspective to market your product and to fetch newer audience and leads for your business. At Ranura, we teach you all about finding the right perspective and unique digital marketing ideas to promote your brand.
#3.Get Personal with your customers
Marketing is not about promoting your product/service anymore. It is about knowing what your customers expect from your business and finding ways to make it better every day. This is not as tedious as it may sound. The right digital marketing campaign can get you closer to your target audience and get them to share their opinion, suggestions, feedback, and reviews about your service/product with ease.
#4.Doesn’t take much of your resources and still makes an impact
When you run a business, every minute matters and every penny counts. While the traditional marketing tactics would take up a lot of your time, human resources and money, many digital marketing campaigns are very resource-friendly. Learn all about cost-effective and resource-friendly digital marketing campaigns at our weekend crash course.
Are you still CONTEMPLATING?
Digital marketing is like a backbone for your business. You just can’t think of promoting your brand without it. Need more clarity on this or have unanswered queries? Reach out to us at or join our digital marketing course right away. Remember, early bird wins the worm!

Author : Sai Janani