What is Ranura Academy?

Ranura Academy - A Marketing & IELTS Training Institute - is one of the premier institutes for digital marketing and IELTS enhancement in Bangalore. We offer state-of-the-art and modernised courses, crafted by industry experts and designed to cater to entrepreneurs, job aspirants, corporate companies and aspiring migrants. Our key objective is to ensure 100% placement assistance in leading MNC’s, e-commerce agencies & digital marketing companies for all our students upon graduation, and provide immersive, real-time training with the highest quality of instruction. We also offer access to in-depth resources and extensive faculty support and services. We believe in high-quality learning and support, along with real-time guidance and hands on experience.

About our Courses:

We provide courses in Digital Marketing and IELTS, aimed at working professionals and college students. These Digital Marketing courses are designed extensively to cover multiple aspects of digital marketing and real life situations. Similarly, our IELTS courses are designed to aide students and working professionals who aspire to migrate with an enhanced band score that will boost their migration credibility.


Whether you are a fresher or running your own business, the extensive training program at Ranura Academy will not only make you an expert in monitoring digital marketing performance, but will also make you able to plan, conceptualize and execute digital marketing strategies in the market. In other words, you will become an expert in marketing of any brands, products & services online.
Our courses are taught in a manner that is immersive, easy to understand along with practical application. All of our courses come with professional certification that will enhance any student's portfolio. Our 100 percent placement fulfills all your placement requirements adding to our stellar placement record every year.


We offer a specialized, one month training programme, for all IELTS aspirants. Ranura Academy has nothing short of the best faculty that will help you hone your skills and also drive you to achieve covetable band scores. Ranura Academy offers IELTS coaching that is intricately designed to improve your listening, reading, writing and speaking skills. We are versatile and can accomodate having regular and flexible IELTS training class schedules for students and working professionals. To help you know where you stand, mock tests will be administered and the results are virtually instantaneous. An active interest will be taken that will ensure bringing out the best in all our students.

Why choose Ranura Academy?

With a combination of experience in the fields of Digital Marketing and IELTS, we are able to help you power up your Digital Marketing Career, assist you with job placements - Both National and International. Furthermore, to add value to your future endeavours, we vest a majority of our interests in what’s going to help you after your courses. Here’s why you should choose Ranura Academy: -

We have tied up with HR Consultancies, globally. This means that we can add value to your career by assisting you with placement opportunities. In addition to the certification that you will receive from us, your application will also be submitted to Ranura Academy’s internal job-pool resource that is visible to employers all around the globe. Nothing would make us happier than to see our students grow.
If you aspire to migrate outside the country - whether you are a student or a working professional - you are in the right place. Our back end team will assess your current attributes and will subsequently assist you on making a suitable decision. We will go one step further and calculate your immigration possibilities, give you plausible immigration options and also advise you on how best to make your dream a reality.
We know that theory alone won’t help you achieve much. Keeping this in mind, Ranura Academy has invested a lot of resources into designing perfect lesson structures that deliver vast volumes of knowledge - the fun way. We believe in helping you retain your attained knowledge by applying it on “live projects” and “real life simulations”. No more boring classes! We are all out to make learning a fun and remarkable experience.
What’s to point of gaining all the knowledge in the world and not knowing what to do with it? The faculty at Ranura Academy are young, energetic and above all - enthusiastic about unleashing the creativity within you. That’s right. We won’t just impart knowledge and leave you hanging to fend for yourself, out there. We want you to grow, and that’s exactly what we have infused in each of our courses.